Travel Training Team at Lambeth autism event

As part of World Autism Awareness Week, Lambeth Council ran ‘Focus on Autism’ - an event for autistic people and their families - and invited the London Travel Training management team.

Posted: 18 Apr 2019

Faye Angus, Travel Training Manager and Lara Conner, Travel Training Co-ordinator attended the event to promote safer travelling for people of all ages, discussed the travel training programme in Lambeth and also promoted a communication system widely supported by autistic adults.

 In amongst talking about how to safely teach travel skills and handing out resources to support autistic people and their families in road safety and using public transport, Faye and Lara spoke to multiple people to the Red/Yellow/Green communication system.

  • Green – I am happy to be approached for conversation.
  • Yellow – I may want to talk but I would prefer to initiate.
  • Red – I don’t want to communicate at the moment, please give me space.

This system is used at many autistic-run events and conferences throughout the world and HCT were pleased that so many of the visitors to the event embraced the system and took extra information to pass on to their colleagues.

 As well as other stalls, information and advice, there was positive news about continuing funding and support for Autism groups in Lambeth. HCT Group hope to be present at more events due later in the year in collaboration between Lambeth Council, A2ndVoice and NAS Lambeth.

On the 14th June, the London Travel Training Team will be attending The Autism Show.

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