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Social impact stories

The best way to find out about our social impact is through the stories of those who use our services and the stories of the people who work for us


Aysia’s Story

Aysia used to have to wait for her mum and go everywhere in the car. Now she has her freedom she goes out with friends and can help out her mum. Aysia has future dreams of working and visiting family in Jamaica.

Stock image - travel training
Stock image - travel training

Talking about her Independent Travel Training experience, Aysia said Before travel training I went out a few times. I went to Brixton once by myself but mostly I had to wait for someone to come with me and I couldn’t just go out by myself. I was on the school bus and I didn’t like it, actually I hated it and I didn’t want to be on there anymore. I used to go in the car everywhere or walk with my mum.

Training gives me freedom and has taught me to be safe when crossing roads. I can go out with my friends now whenever I want. If I’m not busy I can go out with them every day. I can help at home too – I did that before but now I can do it more, picking things up for the baby, getting my brother from school. I know what I’m doing and I think I can do even more. I don’t need to rely on adults anymore; if I want to go out I can just go out.

In the future I want to get a job, definitely - when I’m older. I want to go to Jamaica by myself, I hope that one day I can travel to my grandad’s house. I want to live in Jamaica and open a dog hotel.’

 Aysia’s parent has also seen the impact of the programme, saying ‘To other parents of young people starting travel training, I would say there is no reason to be worried. I felt confident to raise any concerns along the way and know that they would be dealt with quickly and professionally. Just think about the end goal. I can see Aysia has come a long way.

Aysia’s attitude has changed, she is more confident and willing to speak her mind, and she’s not worried to tell people what she thinks and what she wants. It has freed up my time. It makes things a lot easier; she can go to the shops and help. She’s even picked up her other sibling from school. She goes out with her friends now and she’s now talking about wanting a job, she wants to work.’