Our team in Norfolk

Our programme in Norfolk is delivered by an experienced and committed team, dedicated to increasing the independence of young people with Special Educational Needs – you can find out about them here.


Karl Chapman, Independent Travel Training Manager

“I enjoy creating a supportive learning environment for young people, helping them achieve greater independence and build their confidence to maximise their personal development.”

Contact Karl

Tel: 01603 222707 / 07983 681251
Email: karlchapman@hctgroup.org

About Karl

Karl has previously worked at Easton and Otley College, which has campuses in both Norfolk and Suffolk, holding a variety of roles over the last 15 years. Karl brings a strong track record of successful project delivery, creating supportive learning environments that help young people to maximise their future personal development.

Karl has lived in Norfolk for most of his life and understands the unique challenges for Travel Training in the county – Norfolk is a large rural county spread over 2000 square miles and has a very different transport set up to other places we have worked.