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Social impact stories

The best way to find out about our social impact is through the stories of those who use our services and the stories of the people who work for us


One Trust

We bring service users from their homes to the One Trust centre, where wellbeing and quality of life are the top priority.

LaSCoT brings service users from home to the One Trust centre
LaSCoT brings service users from home to the One Trust centre

‘We exist to give our service users a better day,’ explains Julia Rocks, Complex Needs Manager at One Trust. ‘We offer fun, engaging and personalised day services for adults with learning disabilities.

‘At our centre, we can provide a huge range of activities and essential services – music, physiotherapy and access to healthcare; there’s a great sensory room too. Equally important are our trips and excursions. We have a strong independence agenda and we want our service users to be able to access the community – mainstream services like leisure centres, museums and other venues.

‘For everything we do, we ask ourselves “Will this improve our service users’ wellbeing and quality of life?” Each one of our service users has a person-centred plan, developed with them and their advocates – people need to be in control. Each plan is tailored to the individual, focussed on setting goals around improving wellbeing and quality of life – with access to the community, to healthcare, to opportunities and to meaningful activities.

‘We measure our impact and we know that this approach makes a real difference to people’s lives. Without the service, our service users would be stuck at home, under-stimulated, with all of the negatives that brings.’

LaSCoT, HCT Group’s operation in south London, provides transport for One Trust, bringing service users from their homes to the centre – and providing the transport for trips out into the community.

‘Transport is a vital component of the service we provide,’ continues Julia. ‘Without it, it would be very difficult to run our service at all.’