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Social impact stories

The best way to find out about our social impact is through the stories of those who use our services and the stories of the people who work for us


Haggerston School

Our affordable minibus hire means Haggerston School's students can access sports fixtures and a wider range of facilities.

For some students, the chance to get involved in sports is a motivator for learning
For some students, the chance to get involved in sports is a motivator for learning

Haggerston School use our group transport service in Hackney to take their students to sporting fixtures and extracurricular activities.

‘Taking our students off site to participate in a whole host of activities is really important for us,’ explains Harry James, Head of PE at Haggerston School. ‘It means we can have access to much better facilities – for example taking our GCSE students to a climbing wall – or taking part in external fixtures and competitions.

‘These external activities are a real priority as they have an important impact on skills development. This is not just in terms of sports skills, but also the development of teamwork, communications and all the important skills encouraged by sport. Without external activities and the opportunity to put learning into practice, we would see the speed of this development fall away.

‘For some of our students, those who face challenges with their attendance or behaviour, the opportunity to participate in these activities is a genuine motivator for learning.

‘We’ve seen some real achievements this year. Our Year 9 boys’ football team has been crowned Hackney League champions. We have two students who take part in Hackney’s borough table tennis team and won team of the year, and our dance group is through to the Step Into Dance London-wide show, performing at the Barbican Centre. All of these activities use the transport put on by Hackney Community Transport.

‘Not only do we see an improvement in the physical and social skills of the students, but we also see the impact that sports participation has on their health and wellbeing. Without doubt we see an increase in the fitness levels of students who participate in regular sport and without being able to travel to fixtures and events, it would greatly reduce students’ motivation to stay fit and healthy.‘