CT Matters: What it all means – Derrick’s story

HCT Group exists to have a positive social impact, but what does that actually mean? It’s all about how our services support real people, every day, making a positive difference to their lives.

Derrick and DriverWe asked Derrick, 76, about the difference that our ScootAbility service in Camden makes to his life. The service enables older and disabled people to borrow scooters or powerchairs for free – and we deliver and collect the vehicles directly to and from service users’ homes.


‘I’ve been using the service for around six months now,’ explains Derrick. ‘Before, I literally hobbled around with a stick. I could only leave the house with the help of a carer – holding onto their shoulder with one hand and stick with the other. Really awkward.

‘With this service, I can go out on my scooter to the local shops, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose. I go out for coffee or even for a full-blown breakfast. The benefits are great – the scooter has good control and can get in and out of the shops quite easily.

‘The best thing is that I can get away from the flat, out and about – seeing people, talking to people – I’m a terrible chatterer. Without this, I would just sit in all day long, watching the TV, not much of a life. If you don’t go out, you’ll be talking to yourself. You’d go bananas, it’d be log cabin disease.’


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