A group structure for growth

picture of vehiclesOriginally founded as Hackney Community Transport in 1982, we became HCT Group in 2008 to reflect the increasing diversity of the communities we serve and to recognise our developing group structure, as explained below.


Asset-locked, mission-locked: HCT Group is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our charitable status provides an asset lock - meaning that the organisation cannot be sold for private gain and that we do not distribute profits to shareholders (we don't have any).  It also provides a mission-lock - enshrining our social purpose as our first priority. HCT Group is the 'top company' of a group structure, which ensures that the asset lock and mission lock applies to all subsidiaries.   

Merging with other organisations: To focus on the needs of particular communities, we have merged with other community transport providers – LaSCoT in South London, Islington Community Transport in North London, Leeds Alternative Travel and Bristol Community Transport.

Trading subsidiaries: We have developed trading subsidiary companies – CT Plus CIC CT Plus (Yorkshire) CICCT Plus Guernsey and CT Plus Jersey – to provide an efficient platform from which to compete for contracts.

Working in partnership: We have a history or establishing joint ventures with other social enterprises for work on particular projects or in particular localities– E&HCT with Ealing Community Transport and CT Plus (Humber)with the Goodwin Development Trust.

Getting things started: To support localities that have not previously benefited from community transport, we have introduced it – in Haringey through establishing Haringey Community Transport, adopting the social enterprise business model.

This has led to a complex group structure embracing a wide variety of legal forms. It does mean that we have been able to compete in the marketplace for business, work in partnership with others and maintain a community focus even as we have grown.

You can download a chart of HCT Group's group structure and legal forms here

The future: We anticipate that this structure will continue to change over time – we are always open to talking with like-minded organisations who are interested in joining our Group, or seeking new partners for joint venture approaches.


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