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One more step to complete your membership. We need to collect a few details about your Group to help us measure our social impact. 

If you have any questions about or difficulties with this form, please call us on 0300 030 2665 and we'll be happy to help.  

    Group Details Confirmation

    Community Group Details Confirmation Form

    Please complete the following form to proceed with application process.

  • As HCT Group is fully committed to the promotion of equality both in the provision of its service and as an employer, we would be grateful if you could give us some details of your membership. We may need to ensure that your intended use of our service complies with our Terms and Conditions before we accept your membership application.
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    The HCT Group is committed to safeguarding your privacy policy. Before you provide us with your personal information, please read our privacy policy. This well help you understand how and why we use your personal information and your rights and options.

    Our privacy policy can be found here:

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