If you are looking for information about a specific training course, please visit the page for either our

Learning Centre in London, or our

Learning Centre in Leeds, depending on where you live.

Developing our communities

Our Learning Centres in Hackney and Leeds provide opportunities for people in our communities to gain qualifications or skills that can help their life chances, enabling them to access rewarding careers or further study.

HCT Group Learner doing vehicle checksOur programmes include training courses that prepare learners for rewarding careers in the bus industry – either as bus drivers, passenger assistants or in other roles. We also provide programmes in customer service, and health and social care.

In addition to providing specific, funded programmes, our Learning Centres also offer a full range of driving courses on a commercial basis - our skilled and experienced instructors helping people to achieve their full CPC licences.

Many of our funded programmes are designed specifically to help people who are unemployed or are classified as economically inactive. The right support to get and keep a job runs as a golden thread through each of these programmes – training on the day-to-day skills needed to thrive in employment, mentoring for confidence, information advice and guidance to highlight choices and options, and ongoing job search support.

Our Learning Centres have a real social impact in the communities we serve. In 2010/11, 392 people who were unemployed gained qualifications via our Learning Centres, at least 74 of whom went onto sustainable employment as a consequence.

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