Connecting community groups

Group Transport minibuses

Our Group Transport services provide an accessible, low-cost alternative to minibus hire for community groups, clubs, faith groups, sports clubs, disabled groups and many more. Enabling members of these groups to travel together and get more out of their activities has remained the heart and soul of HCT Group since our inception in 1982 when we first began to provide accessible minibuses.

After joining as a member of one of our Group Transport programmes, community groups can book one of our fleet of accessible minibuses at a subsidised rate. We also provide low-cost minibus driver (MiDAS) training for groups to ensure they can get out and about. Group Transport is financially supported by profits from HCT Group’s commercial activities and, in Hackney and Haringey, by the local authority.

 If you are looking for information about our minibus services in your area, please follow the links below to the pages for:

Hackney minibus

Lambeth/Southwark minibus

Leeds minibus

Islington minibus

Haringey minibus

Bristol minibus  

Camden minibus

Greenwich minibus

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