Accountable to our stakeholders

Community feedback sessionAs a social enterprise, it is imperative that we deliver on our mission effectively, with a view to making the greatest possible long-term impact. This means it is critical to remain accountable to our stakeholders: our beneficiaries, our service users, our employees and others – engaging with them at every opportunity.

HCT Group has put in place a scalable approach to accountability that keeps both the social mission and the financial and operational excellence of the organisation heading in an ambitious and achievable direction.

Board of Trustees

As HCT Group has grown, our governance needs have changed and developed. We have put in place an experienced Board with a very broad range of sector-specific skills. Our elected board members have to meet the high standards of a defined list of criteria, such as a certain number of years of experience. The board meets regularly and has a maximum of 12 members, each on a three-year rolling cycle of membership.

Our Board of Trustees

  • T Brennan
  • Sir Vince Cable (Chair)
  • C Hewitt
  • A Levitt
  • A Ross
  • R Sewell
  • E Siegel
  • J Winter

For further information about our Board members, please click HERE. 

External Accountability 

As well as remaining accountable to ourselves, our employees and our service users, we must also remain accountable to our funders: social investors, commercial customers and grant-makers. Regular performance measurement for both operational activity and social impact has been built into our systems to monitor our progress in delivering our mission, to better inform our management decisions and to provide information for our partners.

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