Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training by HCT Group comes to an end

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our Independent Travel Training programme has been really significant.  During these difficult times, parents of children with SEND are understandably concerned about their children’s safety and are uncertain about public transport. As a consequence, many Local Authorities are not able to refer young people to the programme in any real numbers.

To make the programme work, we need a minimum number of young people to work with. Right now – and for the foreseeable future – we can’t say with any confidence that those numbers can be achieved. This means that we have no alternative but to bring the programme to an end on 21 December 2020. 

It’s a really sad day for us – we still believe that Independent Travel Training is a genuinely life-changing programme for many children and young people with SEND. We’re really proud of what the young people on the programme have achieved and really proud of the work done by our dedicated team of travel trainers.  

If you have any questions about the end of our travel training programme, please contact