An interview with Amy Outingdyke from St Joseph's Hospice - our partnership

Claire Smith, Head of Community Transport and Stakeholder Engagement recently met with Amy Outingdyke, Day Hospice Manager at St Joseph's to find out her thoughts on the partnership that we have

Posted: 13 Nov 2019


Claire: Hello Amy. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me

Amy: Thank you for the opportunity.

Claire: I have several questions for you; I am keen for you to be as honest as you can!

Amy: Sure, fire away!

Claire: How long have you worked for St Joseph’s (and what is your role)?

 Amy: I have worked at STJH for 15 years.  I am currently employed as the Day Hospice Manager, a role I’ve held for the past 12 years. 

 Claire: What happens at St Joseph’s? who are the client group?

Amy: Day Hospice patients come to the hospice once per week, giving them an opportunity to access a wide range of services.   We tailor the day to meet the patient’s needs, focusing on how they are coping and helping to ease some of the physical and emotional difficulties they are experiencing as a result of their illness.  The Day Hospice works with people aged over 18 years, living in the City of London or the boroughs of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, and Newham. 

Claire: You have a partnership with Hackney Community Transport; please can you tell me a little bit more about this – what do they do? How often? How long?

 Amy: We have been working with HCT since 2018.  We have two drivers assigned to help us transport our patients safely to the hospice three days of the week.

Claire: What are the benefits of the partnership?

Amy: For the Day Hospice, the partnership has been flexible and amenable.   The drivers are always dependable and friendly; they have gotten to know our staff, volunteers, and most importantly, the patients.  The experience of the hospice starts from the moment a patient is collected each morning and the drivers offer a warm welcome each and every day. 

 Claire: Thinking specifically about the drivers, how would you describe what they do? Is there any specific feedback ?

Amy: When I asked our patients about the drivers, the first thing that one patient told me is that both Pat and Corrine are “fantastic, absolutely wonderful”.  Another gentleman said that the drivers are “marvellous, I can’t find fault.  When I recently collapsed on the ambulance, Pat was there for me.  The only thing he didn’t know was the lottery numbers!”. Both Pat and Corrine have formed good relationships with the patients, they Interact and communicate well with one another, and are always quick with a laugh or a smile.  It’s been fantastic to have them both as part of my day hospice ‘team’!

 Claire: What, if anything, would you change about the partnership?

 Amy: Nothing, it’s fabulous as it is! 

Claire: Thank you so much for your time Amy. It was a real pleasure speaking to you and learning more about St Joseph's Hospice and how much you value the partnerhsip. We equally value it and are delighted to be working with you all for another year. Long may it continue!