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Social impact stories

The best way to find out about our social impact is through the stories of those who use our services and the stories of the people who work for us


Shaydon’s Story

Shaydon didn’t enjoy getting the minibus to school and is much happier travelling independently. His dad says how important it is that he’s completed the training.

Stock image - travel training
Stock image - travel training

Talking about his Independent Travel Training experience, Shaydon said ‘Before Travel Training I went on the minibus to school, but from the first day I didn’t want to be on there, there was another kid on the bus I didn’t like. The important thing about Travel Training was going to school by myself. Now I’m independent and that’s better. ‘

Shaydon’s parent has also seen the impact, saying ‘From the very first day he told me, I don’t want to be on the minibus. He kept saying he wanted to go by himself and so I agreed he could try. He could have probably done it sooner but it was me and my worries and then he wanted it so much that I knew I had to let him show me he could do it. To other parents, I’d say, give it a go and they might surprise you. It was important for him and it’s good that he did it.’