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Transforming communities

Transport system redesign and delivery, to meet the needs of the whole community.

Transforming communities.; Image (c) Alex Grace

Transforming communities

 HCT Group started its development as a community transport organisation providing services to local organisations and individuals with particular transport needs in the East End of London.

 Communities and individuals need accessible and affordable transport services to grow and thrive.

However budgets for both public transport and for social care have drastically reduced over the last decade, and many councils are forced to make difficult decisions about which essential services they will cut and which they will keep. HCT Group believes that there is another option for the bold commissioner. This is a total system redesign or ‘whole place’ transport. The main principles of this approach are:

  • Integrating fleets and teams across all transport types (public transport, social care)
  • A change management process to deliver efficiencies and improved performance.
  • Technology to deliver sophisticated management and evaluation of data.
  • Robust and ongoing evaluation of efficiency and performance, maximising the social impact of transport spending.
  • Demand responsive services for vulnerable communities.
  • A social entrepreneurial approach to growing the market for local community and public transport services.
  • Innovation partnership procurement to deliver a solution focused on development and excellence rather than meeting minimum requirements.

 If you’d like to talk to us about a whole place service, please contact us or read more about how we work.

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